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George S. Labadie AWS NWS

High quality giclée (a French word pronounced zhee-clay meaning “fine spray”) prints of a selection of George Labadie’s watercolors are available.  These are sold as numbered, limited editions on 140# Arches Watercolor Cold Press or Hot Press, whichever is appropriate for the type of painting.  PLEASE CHECK THIS WEB PAGE PERIODICALLY--additional selections are forthcoming. 

Stormy Cove  29"x 22" 

Barren Silence  29"x21"

Yosemite Angler 27"x 21"

Dahomey News


24"x 35"

[Featured in

The Artist's Magazine

Nov. 1995; and Painting with the White of Your Paper, Wagner & Van Hasselt, eds., North Light Books, 1993]

Red Boa and Fan

19"x 25"

Harley Davidson


22"x 30"


Wrong Saddle  30"x 22"

Cacophony Chorus  30"x 22"

The Handout  30"x 22"

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